Glow Fuzz '24

Glow Fuzz '24

This is the pedal used allover our 'Aurora' album and we believe everyone should have a chance to discover this gem of a fuzz pedal.
They are handmade and certain parts have a limited availability. We promise we'll do our best to keep the Glow Fuzz available for everyone to enjoy while supplies last.

"In search of the perfect fuzz sound before hitting the studio to record ‘Aurora’, we sat down with our friend and pedal geek Werner Roozen who had been making custom pedals since forever.
We wanted to create a fuzz pedal that was reminiscent of the warm 90s Corgan-esque all out grungyness but with a little more versatility.
A fuzz with just the right amount of sputter and low end without getting too muddy, without sounding harsh but still really messed up nonetheless.
Trying out different circuits we ended up with a circuit based around the ‘Skreddy Mayo’ which is considered one of the best fuzzes of it’s generation -
now heavily sought after and will break your bank.
We fine tuned it to our liking, adding extra clipping stages and an extra bias option to make it sound like your amp or pedal is losing its grip on all things real.
Sourced really rare Russian Germanium NOS transistors to give it an extra twist, taking it even one step further into sweetness and making it truly unique.
You can take this pedal from a slight fuzzy warm boost to sputtery mayhem without losing clarity or definition."

Isa will handle the packaging personally adding extra goodies ❤.